Purchase, rent or subscribe?

3 reasons why you should subscribe to an e-scooter!

May 25, 2019 - Published by Taha Taskinsoy

Your life is full of changes and unexpected moments. Mobility should adapt to your life, be accessible anytime and anywhere – no matter if you are on your way to work, to the next stop or your private mobility on holiday. No matter when, where and how – your Flosc Scooter is always there as long as you want!
Every fourth German wants to use an e-scooter. Here are 3 good reasons why subscribing to an e-scooter is the right choice.


When you buy a scooter, you commit yourself indefinitely – whether you like it or not. The situation is similar for the rental of scooters. The decision that led to the purchase of a scooter is possibly no longer relevant at a later point in time, in a potential resale the loss in value as well as the effort is high.
In a subscription you enjoy the full flexibility and a binding commitment is no longer needed. After a minimum term of three months you can return your scooter at any time – depending on your personal needs.


In addition to the high purchasing price of a scooter, unexpected costs can arise due to repairs and spare parts.
The Flosc subscribers have nothing to worry about: For a fixed monthly rate, we take care of insurance, maintenance and repairs and always provide you with an “as new” scooter.
Unlike the purchase, there is no down payment and the costs are absolutely predictable – all inclusive except complexity.
Here is a compact comparison of the advantages of your Flosc subscription over the classic purchase and rental of an electric scooter (Segway Ninebot ES4):


We deliver your personal Flosc Scooter right in front of your door and if you need it repaired we will pick it up again. We are there for your concerns before, after and during the entire lifecycle.
You can easily reserve your scooter online and operate it via your smartphone. Want to know your current mileage or battery status? No problem in the Flosc owned app.

How about you?
Are you looking for unlimited flexibility with full cost transparency? You don’t want to worry about nothing and be comfortably on the go according to your needs? What are you waiting for – reserve your Flosc Scooter now here.

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